The News, Bruh

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Market Cap: $38,214
Volume (24h): $912
Total Supply: 365,999,999
DEX Liquidity: $4,268
Holders: 923
r/TheNewsBruh Members: 401
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About The News, Bruh

The News, Bruh ($BRUH) token is the official rewards token for readers of The News, Bruh, the world's shortest newspaper. With a total supply of 366 million, the token is airdropped daily to holders of The News, Bruh NFT, with one million tokens airdropped each morning. The token airdrop will undergo a halving once half the supply remains. Get (sort of) paid to (sort of) read the news, bruh.

Where Can I Buy The News, Bruh?

BRUH can be exchanged on Quickswap.
Ledger Nano S Plus
Ledger Nano S Plus
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