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Market Cap: $475,909
Volume (24h): $1,651
Total Supply: 69,350,169,410
DEX Liquidity: $63,617
Holders: 23,471
r/polyGONE Members: 923
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About Gone

$GONE is a community meme-coin on the Polygon blockchain. It was launched on 18 December 2023 as an airdrop to holders of popular Polygon NFT community projects - Owlpha, Drill Club, Rekt Gang, Hell Cats, The Herd and more. One of the first to do that, $GONE quickly rose to prominence on X/Twitter and took the entire Polygon space by storm.

In their own words:

Polygon has been getting the short end of the stick for way too long, falling victim to founder motives that prey on the entire Polygon ecosystem. Enter GONE, here to throw shade at the sorry state of our chain and hand power back to the ones who held it down - the users. GONE's out here aiming to be the legit community coin on Polygon, spreading its influence across the DAPPs in this ecosystem without bowing down to whale overlords.

No more playing nice with those WHO MANIPULATE FOR PROFIT - GONE is for the real ones who for some reason chose to stay on this network.

Picture this: 50% of all $GONE tokens raining down in airdrops to the NFT degens and the down-in-the-dumps users who still show up every day, the dope artists and their collectors chilling in Polygon watching their hard work go unnoticed, and the unsung heroes - the devs/builders who grind daily without any love because they're not part of the cool clique.

The rest of the stash is strategically divvied up to keep the GONE ecosystem thriving. It's all about community initiatives, meme-making madness, development grind, and grants that go towards the builders not the shills. Contributors are the backbone of GONE's success. They're in it for the long haul, dedicated to Polygon's genuine community coin, proving loyalty and ensuring GONE's success is a given.

Where Can I Buy Gone?

GONE can be exchanged on Quickswap.
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Ledger Nano S Plus
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