Today's Community Currency Market Cap

The total market cap of all Community Currencies listed on RCCMarketCap is $35.1M. a 2.16% decrease over the last day. 
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Community Market Cap
$35,146,227 2.16%
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#Token Price Change (24h) Daily ChartMarket Cap Volume (24h)
Volume 24h is total value of all trades made in the top pool in the last 24 hours.
Combined liquidity from top ten pools.
141r/CryptoCurrency Moonsr/CryptoCurrency Moons/ MOON$0.206⤵ 0.64%
12r/FortNiteBR Bricksr/FortNiteBR Bricks/ BRICK$0.129⤵ 2.7%
1253Donut (ETH)Donut (ETH)/ DONUT$0.0141⤵ 7.63%
7734BitconeBitcone/ CONE$0.0₅4656⤵ 2.99%
25Garlicoin (ETH)Garlicoin (ETH)/ WGRLC$0.0212-
116GoneGone/ GONE$0.0₄128⤵ 5.47%
37MoonsDustMoonsDust/ MOOND$0.149⤵ 1.28%
23418Stellar CannacoinStellar Cannacoin/ CANNACOIN$0.0₄744⤴ 1.56%
6889ShroomShroom/ $HROOM$0.0₄516⤵ 0.82%
21810Gold HODL TokenGold HODL Token/ GODL$8,075⤵ 2.72%
14611r/Poopheadavatars Poopsr/Poopheadavatars Poops/ POOP$0.0₇4⤵ 1.12%
2812BonesBones/ BONE$0.0₅2281⤵ 0.1%
21713Tacon TokenTacon Token/ TACO$0.0₄224⤵ 11.07%
2214Lama Inu CoinLama Inu Coin/ LIC$0.0₄368⤴ 5.85%
1315RCAXRCAX/ RCAX$0.00433⤴ 0.25%
27316The News, BruhThe News, Bruh/ BRUH$0.0₄504⤴ 3.52%
5117Plunger TokenPlunger Token/ PLUNGER$0.0₄116⤵ 6.96%
1418MikoMiko/ MIKO$0.0114-
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